Sebamed Baby Body Milk – 100 ml


0 Months+, pH 5.5, ideal for healthy skin, vital protection for delicate dry skin


Key Features:

  • pH 5.5, ideal for healthy skin
  • Vital protection for delicate dry skin
  • Soothing and nutritive
  • Easily absorbed, non occlusive

Brand – Sebamed
Type – Baby Body Milk
Age – 0 Months+
Weight – 100 ml

Items included in the Package:
100 ml of Baby Body Milk Healthy skin has a biological, slightly acidic surface, called the acid mantle. The delicate skin of a newborn is lacking this protective acid mantle which is established during the first few months of life. Only if the skin has a pH value of 5.5 it is able to safeguard against penetration of pathogenic micro-organisms and harmful environmental influences. Baby Sebamed has been specially formulated to consolidate the resistance of baby’s skin. Clinical testing has proven Baby Sebamed’s ability to promote the build up of the skin’s protective acid mantle and stabilized its barrier function at its physiological pH value of 5.5.


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