Himalaya Herbal Extra Moisturizing Baby Soap – 75 gm



Key Features:

  • Ideal for use in winter season and for babies with dry skin type.
  • Cleanses & moisturizes baby’s skin and prevents dryness
  • Soap infused with the power of herbs and goodness of milk & oils

Brand – Himalaya Herbal
Type – Extra Moisturizing Baby Soap
Weight – 75 gm

Items included In Pack
75 gram of Baby SoapHimalaya Herbal Extra Moisturizing Baby Soap is designed to effectively manage infantile xerosis or excessive dry skin in babies. Indian Aloe, Almond Oil and Olive Oil work together to nourish and maintain the moisture equilibrium of baby’s skin. Milk softens and improves the skin’s texture. Ideal for use during the winter, Extra Moisturizing Baby Soap is free from artificial colours.

Directions For Use
Wet baby’s face and body. Apply Extra Moisturizing Baby Soap generously, gently working up a lather. Rinse thoroughly

Country of Origin: India


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